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Plantar Warts

Plantar warts can cause pain and discomfort, especially while walking. If you need treatment for plantar warts or any other common foot issue, get in touch with our experts here at Diablo Foot and Ankle, located at Bass Medical Group. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to treat several foot-related issues, including plantar warts.

What Are the Signs of Plantar Warts?

Plantar warts are small, rough growths that show up on the bottom of your feet. They are usually found on the forefront of the heels or the base of the toes. The hard and thickened skin or callus will show up after the wart has grown inward. Small black spots may show up on the wart; these are also known as wart seeds and are small blood vessels that have become clotted. These warts cause pain and discomfort when pressure is applied to the feet by walking or standing.

Who Is at Risk of Developing Plantar Wart?

Although anyone can develop plantar warts, some individuals are more likely to have them than others. These include:

  • People with weakened immune systems
  • People who have had plantar warts in the past
  • Children and teens
  • Anyone who walks barefoot where exposure to the HPV virus is common, such as in locker rooms

How Can I Prevent Plantar Warts?

To reduce your risk of developing plantar warts, you should always do the following:

  • Avoid any direct contact with warts, including any on your own body
  • Wash your hands if you come in contact with a wart
  • Keep your feet dry and clean
  • Change your shoes and socks daily
  • Avoid walking barefoot in areas that could be contaminated, such as locker rooms and swimming pools
  • Do not pick at or scratch any warts
  • Do not use the same pumice stone or other tools on your warts that you use in other healthy areas

Plantar Wart Removal

For some people, plantar warts will go away all on their own. However, it can take many months or even years for this to occur. Because the HPV virus causes warts, they are contagious, which means they can quickly spread from one person to the next.

While there are some things you can do at home to treat your plantar warts, such as using topical over-the-counter medications, it is often recommended that you see a podiatrist for professional treatment. Our specialists here at Diablo Foot and Ankle can help you eliminate the problem and instruct you on preventing these warts from occurring in the future.

There are several methods for removing plantar warts. The doctors here at Diablo Foot and Ankle will determine which option is right for you based on your symptoms and the severity of your condition. They may recommend that you use the topical medication, if you have not done so in the past, to see if it affects your plantar warts. If that doesn’t help, our doctors may shave the wart and apply a special acid to eliminate it. They may also use cryotherapy, freezing, or laser therapy treatment if any other methods do not work. In severe cases, minor surgery may be suggested. 

If you would like to learn more about treatment for your plantar warts or want to have them removed, contact our experts here at Diablo Foot and Ankle located at Bass Medical Group for assistance. Our board-certified Podiatrists will be happy to assist you with your foot care needs. 

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