Sanexas Electrotherapy

A leading Podiatrist Clinic in Walnut Creek now offers Sanexas Electrotherapy to treat patients who are experiencing pain or circulatory issues. Sanexas has been shown to improve cell-to-cell communication, actively repairing and regenerating nerve fibers at the cellular level.
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Sanexas Electrotherapy

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Sanexas Electrotherapy

Electric cell signaling treatment (EST) is a cutting-edge electrotherapy modality. It works by using electronic signal energy waves along with associated harmonic resonance frequencies, modulating signals through nerve pathways to retrain and reconduct circuitry in damaged nerves. These energy waves and frequencies are used to physiologically tune and stimulate certain functions of nerve fibers. 

At Diablo Foot & Ankle, we offer the Sanexas electrotherapy treatment. It is FDA-approved, non-invasive, and produces positive outcomes for many patients who are experiencing pain or circulatory issues. Sanexas has been shown to improve cell-to-cell communication, actively repairing and regenerating nerve fibers at the cellular level. Simply put, this therapy doesn’t just alleviate pain, but it has the potential to heal damaged nerve pathways, leading to long-term relief.

Conditions That Can Benefit From EST Treatment

One of the most common conditions that result from nerve damage is peripheral neuropathy. The peripheral nervous system is responsible for sending information from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. The peripheral nerves also send sensory information to the central nervous system. These nerves can become damaged due to underlying health conditions, infections, injuries, or genetic conditions. The damaged nerves can cause weakness, numbness, and pain, usually in the hands and feet. Sometimes medication is enough to bring relief from the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. Other times, more intense and targeted treatments–such as electric cell signaling therapy–need to be utilized. 

Common medical conditions that can lead to peripheral neuropathy include the following: 

  • Diabetes. This is the most common cause and it affects approximately half of the people with this disease.
  • Autoimmune diseases. These include disorders such as Sjogren's syndrome, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). 
  • Infections. Viral and bacterial infections can lead to peripheral neuropathy.
  • Tumors. Malignant and benign growths can compress nerves, leading to pain, weakness, and numbness. 

Sanexas therapy can help patients who are experiencing neuropathies that medication alone isn't helping. The therapy is also helpful in treating conditions like restless leg syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome. It offers relief to people suffering from diabetic nerve pain, joint pain, and both acute and chronic generalized pain, numbness, and weakness. 

Electric Cell Signaling Treatment 

Electric cell signaling therapy can provide the following benefits:

  • Decreased nerve pain
  • Improved nerve health and regeneration 
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Improved tissue function
  • Accelerated nerve healing
  • Faster nerve repair
  • Relieved chronic intractable pain 
  • Alleviated trigger point muscle pain
  • Relaxed muscle spasms 
  • Promoted muscle strength and recovery

The Sanexas electric cell signaling therapy uses electrical signals to effectively treat pain and circulatory conditions. The revolutionary technology employs pharmaceutical-grade strength frequencies, and associated harmonics to penetrate deeper, delivering unmatched pain relief and promoting nerve healing. Patients who have undergone Sanexas therapy reported the following benefits:

  • Better quality of sleep. Decreases in pain levels encouraged more restorative and restful sleep at night. 
  • Increased mobility. Muscle relaxation and better circulation reduced swelling and inflammation. 
  • Pain relief. Reduction of pain in affected regions of the body was experienced. 
  • Improved quality of life. When acute and chronic pain is alleviated, patients can get back to engaging in relationships and enjoying the activities they love. 

Sanexas Patient Stories at Diablo Foot & Ankle

When to Seek Treatment

If you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain or limited range of motion from an injury, the EST technology of Sanexas can be your solution. The podiatrist experts in Walnut Creek at Diablo Foot & Ankle are here to help. We treat foot and ankle conditions and perform complex surgeries of the lower extremities. We are dedicated to helping you get back on your feet quickly and safely. Let us evaluate your condition to determine if the cutting-edge technology of Sanexas is right for you. To learn more, schedule a consultation today with a foot doctor.