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Leneva™ Injections

Corns, calluses, diabetic ulcers, and impact pain: these are only a few of the symptoms related to ball of foot pain. At Diablo Foot + Ankle, we see patients with these conditions on a regular basis. Thankfully, you can find relief with new, all-natural Leneva™ injections.

As you get older, the fat padding—delicate pressure points in your feet—begin breaking down. Years of wear and tear deplete this cushioning, resulting in discomfort and pain that can affect mobility and daily life. That wear and tear can look different for every patient. Playing sports, extended wearing of high heels, and working on your feet do their part to diminish that collagen-rich cushion. Patients with misaligned bones in their feet, diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis will also see occurrences of this fat pad atrophy.

Up until now, a podiatrist’s method of treatment was limited. Cushioning shoes to off-load impact through the foot and surgery correcting bone misalignment provided temporary solutions at best. That is where Leneva™ is different from any treatment that has come before it. This breakthrough, non-surgical treatment has given patients months to years of relief, as well as a new lease on life.

But what is Leneva™?

Leneva™ is a quick and natural treatment that can repair damaged cushions in your feet. These cushions are collagen-dense fats that pad your feet, protecting bones and nerves as you walk, move, and work. Leneva™ is an all-natural injectable product made from donated, sterilized human fat tissue, or adipose tissue. The adipose tissue is within a cellular matrix that acts as a “scaffold” at the injection site. Once Leneva™ is injected into your foot’s subcutaneous layer, your body uses this scaffold to produce new fat cells. This in-turn repairs and rebuilds the damaged fat padding that once cushioned the pressure points in your feet. No steroid injections or surgery required!

The treatment itself happens in-office. Your doctor will apply a small amount of local anesthesia to numb the treatment area for injection. After Leneva™ is applied, you can return home with doctor’s post-treatment instructions in hand. You can return to daily life with minimal downtime or irritation. The injection provides an instant fat cushion to the treated area, letting your body build new fat cells over time. The support can be felt immediately, even as you leave the doctor’s office.

Leneva™ is a formidable tool against ball of foot pain. If you experience pain and discomfort beyond regular strain or ache, Leneva™ could be the treatment for you. Leneva™ has already proven its effectiveness against conditions and symptoms. This includes:

·   Triggered foot pain from putting pressure on your foot

·   Difficulty walking, even with cushioned inserts

·   Pressure or diabetic foot ulcers

·   Tunneling wounds

·   Tenderness or pain from foot pad reconstruction procedures

·   Corns and calluses resulting from worn foot padding

Ignoring your pain or any of these conditions can have lasting effects, and not just on your feet. Corns and calluses can become more painful over time—or infected if you suffer from diabetes or circulation issues. Triggering pain through pressure points in your feet can leave you prone to accidents. Tripping, falling, or depleted mobility may start at the feet, but can impact the whole body.

Pushing through pain can become dangerous if your current conditions keep worsening. If you think a Leneva™ treatment is right for you, make today the day you finally talk to your podiatrist. Leneva™ can give you back your quality of life, so you can return to what you love without the pain. If you are in the Walnut Creek, Oakland, or East Bay areas, we can help. Contact us today at Diablo Foot + Ankle to set up your consultation and learn more about Leneva™ injection treatments.

Watch this video to learn more about Leneva® Injections.

Diablo Foot & Ankle Specializes in Leneva™ Injections

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