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Trauma to the foot and ankle can have some pretty serious consequences. Many different bones, ligaments, muscles, and joints in the foot provide mobility, balance, and stability to the body. Trauma to any of these can make use of the foot or ankle affected very difficult. Even a seemingly small injury can have severe consequences. Let’s have a look at some common causes of trauma to the foot and ankle, what they can do, and some ways to help the healing process.

Causes of Trauma

Strains and tears in the muscles or tendons are very common. They are usually caused by quick and simple twists or pulls. Sprains are similar to strains or tears but affect the ligaments, not the muscles or tendons. A sprain typically occurs during a fall or a more serious situation.

Bone fractures or breaks result from more force on the bone. They are usually the result of a hard fall, a car accident, or another serious impact or severe twist. 

Ankle and foot trauma are more common with age. The repetitive stress over the years weakens the parts of the feet and ankles, making them more susceptible to injury.


Lack of Mobility

When your foot or ankle undergoes any type of trauma, you may find it difficult or impossible to move your foot or ankle in its full range of motion. Left untreated, symptoms can worsen over time and lead to other symptoms as well.


As with nearly any other kind of injury, an injury to the foot or ankle will probably cause inflammation. Inflammation appears red, swollen, and often has fluid inside. The area will likely be sensitive to the touch and can feel squishy.


Since the parts of the foot are relatively small, the tenderness can be localized, but also has the probability of migrating to the surrounding areas. 

Treatment Options for Foot and Ankle Trauma

The treatment that your foot and ankle trauma may require can vary. Breaks and fractures, for instance, may require a brace or a cast, while tendon or muscle issues can be quite different. If you have experienced trauma to the foot or ankle, you should have your feet and ankles examined by a professional as soon as possible. Treatment could involve prescribed physical therapy, corrective surgery, or orthotics fitted for your feet, or other methods.

Sometimes problems are not always what they seem. Issues that cause minor pain or discomfort could be quite serious, while issues that cause excruciating pain could be fairly simple to fix. This is why it is always a good idea to have your feet and ankles examined by a professional.

When to Seek Help 

If you are wondering whether to seek medical attention for your foot and ankle trauma, consider whether your condition is worsening. If your pain levels are increasing or failing to decrease, or if your mobility is not improving, you should seek help. When in doubt, you should always address issues with the feet or ankles as soon as they arise to prevent further damage.

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