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Bursitis and Joint Pain: How AmnioFix Injections Can Help

Dr. Eman Elmi
February 1, 2022
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Dealing with bursitis pain can be excruciating for anyone, and it is crucial to find the proper treatment for treating it. According to Healthline, bursitis is caused by the “inflammation of your bursae,” which are “fluid-filled sacs found about your joints.” Living with this condition can be very painful, and it may need to be treated with an AmnioFix injection.

This care method involves cell regeneration and other forms of cell treatment in the wound to heal faster. It's an evidence-based treatment that is guaranteed to be effective for bursitis treatment. This type of recovery is a viable and efficient option for those who suffer from joint pain and bursitis.

Causes of Bursitis and Joint Pain

Bursitis pain can develop from a variety of different outdoor activities, including running, jumping, or anything that triggers bursitis. Specifically, any type of strenuous activity can trigger retrocalcaneal bursitis, which affects the heel of a person’s foot. Symptoms include struggling to walk and move around.

Another type of bursitis that someone could suffer from is called trochanteric bursitis, located in the hips. This can be caused by many things, including the position a person lies when sleeping. When this happens, the bursae in this area can be irritated and worsen over time.

To name another type of bursitis, infectious (septic) bursitis, occurs from bacteria exposure through cellulitis or other kinds of infections. Other activities that could pose a risk are injuries to the elbow, possibly leading to olecranon bursitis. If you or a loved one think you have these symptoms, consult with your doctor to have a diagnosis.

Benefits of AmnioFix Injections

One of the pros of Amniofix is its enhanced healing on joint pain as it directly impacts the tissue of the foot. The membrane that is created to sustain a fetus in a pregnant person’s womb is utilized in this injection. When injected, the damaged tissue in the body begins to heal more efficiently, ensuring a more speedy recovery for the patient.

Another plus is the Amniotic membrane’s ability to reduce inflammation of the scarred tissue. This is especially helpful to relieve discomfort from bursitis and provides a smoother recovery process. This reliable treatment method allows patients to feel confident that they can feel less pain as they heal from their injury.

Finally, Amniofix injections are another option over ankle surgery because they allow cell regrowth and revitalization. Additionally, surgery is far more costly than these injections, allowing customers to have multiple options for their needs. With this option, there is access to affordable healthcare for those who need it.

How to Protect Yourself Against Bursitis

To prevent bursitis from occurring in the body, be cautious when starting any outdoor activity. Appropriate caution ensures that people can safely enjoy a sport without posing a risk to themselves. It also safeguards the person from having to discontinue their favorite activity as a result of bursitis forming. Wear good footwear when enjoying your favorite activities.

To protect the body from joint pain, people should also “take breaks if [they’re] doing a repetitive task.” Giving the body rest decreases the possibility of the bursae becoming inflamed or irritated. Also, keep in mind to have good posture when sitting down doing repetitive tasks to avoid any chance of joint pain worsening.

If you believe you or a loved one may be suffering from bursitis or joint pain, you can find us on our main page. Our team works hard to ensure that our patients feel well and confident with every visit. We are happy to work with you!

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