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What Are the Risks of Leaving a Sprained Foot Untreated?

Dr. Eman Elmi
July 6, 2022
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When running or jogging, it is possible to trip over obstacles on the ground. When this occurs, a person can suffer from a sprained foot. This type of condition is when the ligaments are damaged in this part of the body. 

To be specific, ligaments are connective tissue. This means that its function is to keep bones secure together. If these are torn or worn out, it is best to see a doctor about it.

As a result, going about a day-to-day routine can be difficult. But, unfortunately, many people may ignore this abnormality and try to move on with the foot as is. However, it is imperative to know that there are risks that can occur from an untreated sprained foot. But, let’s begin by discussing what sprained foot treatment is.

What Is Sprained Foot Treatment?

Treatment for a sprained foot consists of a variety of different methods to help the affected area recover. To start off, keeping the affected foot elevated is a way to help with this. Another way to care for yourself is by applying ice to the skin. This keeps the swelling at bay, and should be done periodically and not only once. Other methods include not moving the ankle and ensuring that it’s properly compressed.

However, depending on the condition of the foot, you may need ankle ligament reconstruction surgery. This will need to be determined by a doctor and it is recommended, since they can give a diagnosis.

The Risks of Not Treating a Sprained Foot

Knowing the risks that could occur from a sprained foot left untreated is crucial. This is because by having this information, it can encourage patients to set up an appointment with their doctor. In doing so, the physician can give them the most appropriate treatment options and self-care methods. 

When the patient follows their instructions, they are able to maintain a better quality of life for themselves. The following are a list of possible scenarios that could occur from leaving a foot uncared for.


To start off, arthritis is when the joints of the bone experience inflammation. It typically is defined by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and childhood arthritis. While this condition has a myriad of causes, an untreated sprained ankle is one of them. The health of the joints is able to be impacted if a person constantly walks on an untreated ankle. For the most accurate diagnosis of possible arthritis, it would be best to have an X-Ray completed soon.

Chronic Instability of the Ankle

Next, movement while walking to work or anywhere else can be difficult. The ligaments in your ankles may not work as well. If torn, the patient can experience falling. If this occurs, they can break their bones. 

Sometimes, falls can be fatal if it occurs in a dangerous setting. Moreover, it may become permanent. This means that a person may have to wear a cast or other support for the rest of their lives. This is to ensure that they can safely move around.

Chronic Tendon Inflammation

Tendons are a type of tissue that allow bones to move around. When a person moves around with an untreated sprained ankle, this tissue can become damaged. If this occurs, chronic tendon inflammation could. Living with tendinitis can be especially painful in the affected area. Once again, a patient could fall if the ankle gives way.

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