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Why Laser Treatments Are the Superior Way to Treat Fungal Nails

Dr. Eman Elmi
March 21, 2022
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Fungal nail laser treatment has become one of the most popular solutions for infected toenails. Laser treatment for fungal toenails is FDA-approved and kills the infection at its source. Infected toenails can be unsightly and cause discomfort, and laser treatment is a fast, effective solution.

Treatments typically take multiple sessions and kill the fungus underneath the toenail without damaging surrounding areas. Developments in medical technology have made fungal toenail treatment safer than ever. Lasers heat the infected area and kill the fungus without any direct contact with the skin. Let’s explore why this may be the best fungal toenail treatment available.

How Does Laser Treatment Work?

By emitting pulses of concentrated heat to the infected area, specialized lasers effectively kill toenail fungus at its source. The heat penetrates under the toenail. This replaces the need for any invasive surgery.

To be performed safely, the laser cannot completely kill all of the fungus in one session. The treatment sessions need to be spread over the course of several months to eliminate all infections effectively. You should discuss if laser treatment is the best course of action with your doctor to develop a treatment plan.

Let’s break down the treatment plan and what to expect during your first laser treatment session.

  • The infected toenails will be thinned with a specialized tool by a certified technician.
  • Laser treatment will begin individually on infected toenails.
  • The big toe will take roughly two minutes of treatment.
  • The total procedure should take about thirty minutes.
  • Following laser treatment, technicians will provide detailed care instructions to prevent reinfection.
  • Generally, you will need subsequent treatment in three-month intervals until all fungal infection is gone.

Some patients ask why we treat all ten toes, even if some appear uninfected. The fungus can be lurking under toenails, and it’s best to kill it before a more severe infection can develop.

Effectiveness vs. Other Treatment Options

Before implementing laser treatments, fungal infections were only treatable with topical solutions. Some treatments were also administered through a pill or other prescription drugs.

These options did not offer the same level of efficacy as laser treatments and took longer as well. Toenail fungal infections can sometimes be asymptomatic and traditional treatments often did not completely kill the fungus. Also, because they require prolonged treatment periods, these methods are also more expensive than laser treatments.

Laser treatment is estimated to be up to 80% effective for patients with infected toenails. Another benefit of laser treatment is that patients don’t need to worry about any potential side effects from prescription treatments. Reinfection is not uncommon and may result in more laser sessions to keep your toenails healthy.

What Improvements Should You Expect?

Though you will not see results the same day, you should expect to see improvements quickly.

These are some signs that your initial treatments have been successful, and you're on the road to healthier toenails:

  • Reduced discoloration or thickness
  • Less flaking or toenail debris
  • Healthier-looking toenails
  • Normal shape and texture
  • New nail growth
  • Fewer bumps and alterations

You don’t have to live with discolored toenails. Fungal infection can damage your nails, but it’s nearly always reversible. Explore laser treatment solutions so that you can have healthier toenails. Restore healthy nails without the inconvenience of a prescription or topical application.

We are to explain any questions you may have and identify signs of a fungal infection. Our experienced team of professional technicians and doctors will be with you during every phase of your treatment. Contact Diablo Foot and Ankle today to schedule a consultation and start treating your fungal toenails.

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